Trading Strategies

ASX Share CFDs: Timing Entry: “The professionals close the market”?
Juli 9, 2019

Traditionally, one of the long-lasting market clichés is that the “amateurs open the market the professionals close it”. Although this may be a little simplistic, there is no doubt that commonly trading volume in equity markets is at it’s hig...

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Are You Just ‘Interested’ OR REALLY Committed to Becoming the Trader You Can Be?
April 16, 2019

Look, we get it… the thought of making money from the financial markets is appealing to the newcomer (and even experienced trader). Appealing enough to invest some time (often a great deal) and some money (often a great deal). At this stage, it ...

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Are You an Honest Trader? 5 Powerful Questions to Ask Yourself Now
April 12, 2019

“The least initial deviation from the truth is multiplied later a thousandfold.”  - Aristotle We came across the above quote from the famous Greek philosopher and couldn’t help thinking how relevant this is to trading, so thought it was wo...

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Accumulating into a Profitable FX Position: Opportunities and Risk Management
April 10, 2019

Position accumulation is to increase exposure to a currency pair, by adding a second (or more) position in the same trading direction. Although on the surface the opportunity to increase potential return is attractive, there are also risks that MUST ...

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FX Trading choices: Open positions and economic data release
April 7, 2019

Market sentiment towards a currency pair, and hence price, changes when new information comes into the market. The most common situation that creates such a change is the release of economic data. These are planned in terms of timing to theoretica...

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